Focus on the Possibilities!

We spend an inordinate amount of time trying to fix what’s wrong with us, rather than creating a life of possibilities we’d like to be able to choose from. As your life coach, I will work with you on ways in which you may be keeping yourself stuck. Together we will find some completely different possibilities and different ways of looking at things you may have never even considered before – and many that you may have considered but didn’t know that you have the right to choose.

Because even when you don’t know how a different reality is going to get created, a choice is always the first step.

Welcome to my site!

Crossing the threshold into your uncharted future is an act of great courage and self-compassion, and it changes your relationship to life in transformative way. It embodies your willingness to employ a new form of risk-taking, to consciously choose growth-stimulating, soul nourishing challenges, to live through the accompanying uncertainty, and to accept your life as open ended and unpredictable. Passing through the door commits you to living in the present in a way you never have before. Together, we will map your exciting new future.

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